O’Hare To University of Chicago, Loyola, Illinois

Need to get to one of the Chicago area’s many fine colleges for universities with reliable transportation? Whether you’re going to the famous University of Chicago, Loyola University or the University of Illinois – you want to get to your campus quickly, safely, and know you are safe at all times. That’s where we come in.

Bear in mind, the distances in Chicago due to traffic can be deceptive. Many visitors are unaware that the University of Chicago is almost an hour away from O’Hare airport. It’s set in the urban area and to reach it you must pass through the busy downtown streets where traffic can easily become very hectic. Walking even a little with all that luggage is usually out of the question, so you need a car service that will get you door-to-door. Our experienced  chauffeurs know the city like the back of their hands and will deliver you stress-free.

Safe And Reliable Limo Service From O’Hare to University of Chicago, and Others

Instead of the stress of hailing rides shares and taxis, book our private sedan service from O’Hare to and of our local colleges. We'll be waiting just for you and can alleviate the uncertainty and time-consuming task of traveling with our help.

If you like most students and visiting academics, you'll be traveling with luggage that needs to be transported to the campus as well. Our chauffeurs will be happy to help you and will make sure your possessions reach your dorm room office safely and in one piece.

Car Service From O’Hare Airport

A couple of tips before booking is to make sure you leave enough time before your flight in case there is a flight delay or the traffic in Chicago is particularly heavy. In the event your flight is late, our staff will inform the chauffeur so he will know when you arrive. From there, sit back and relax as we handle the rest and get you safely to your destination.

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