Dinner Limo Service

Don’t miss a chance to make your special occasion an evening to remember and to show your friends, family and colleagues how much you care about them.

Some dinner evenings are special. They require a fancy outfit, more effort and a nice dinner limo to get you to a restaurant and back. It can be a special occasion like someone’s birthday, anniversary, promotion or some other celebration of your success, win or a happy moment.

Restaurants come and go, a few of them manage to stand the test of time and every season there are new ones that offer new experiences and delight for your taste buds. Big Jones has the best fried chicken in town, Band of Bohemiais a pub with a Michelin star, Entente offers some nice fine dining, Boka is one of Chicagoans’ favorite restaurants and Aliena is less of a restaurant and more of a pleasant dining adventure.

It doesn’t matter where you go for your special dinner, to a fancy restaurant or not, we can be there to drive you. There are plenty of places in Chicago where you can have a perfect meal and where you and your company, whether it’s just one person or a group of ten, can arrive in comfort and style.

Dinner Limousine For Any Occasion And Group Size

We have one of the biggest fleets in Chicago area, so you can choose the perfect limo for your needs. If you are going to a romantic dinner with your partner, celebrating an anniversary or another special event in your relationship, our sleek sedans are perfect for your intimate travel. When you are taking your family out to a tasty meal, you can book one of our SUVs. Maybe your cousins are coming for a visit or you want to take your work colleagues to celebrate your promotion or company success – get one of our luxury vans. If you really want to make an impression during your dinner evening, you can always book one of our glamorous stretch limos.

The Most Professional Chauffeurs In Chicago

Our chauffeurs will make sure your evening is memorable and up to all of your standards by wearing a uniform, opening doors for you and your company as well as helping you in and out of the car. If you or your company is coming straight from O’Hare or Midway airport, you can count on our chauffeurs to help with luggage. They know all the restaurants in Chicago and they will always find the quickest route to any destination.

Business Dinner Limousine

Limousine is a perfect choice for your business dinners with your employees, important clients and business partners. Show them how much you appreciate their effort and everything that they do for you by renting a nice limo and taking them to one of the best local restaurants. You can get to know each other better over a glass of wine and maybe even make some future business plans. Your employees and clients will be grateful and it will create good image for your company in the eyes of your future stakeholders.

Book You Dinner Limo Now

Don’t miss a chance to make your special occasion an evening to remember and to show your friends, family and colleagues how much you care about them. A nice dinner limo and an evening in a classy restaurant are the perfect way to express gratitude and share your precious moments with those that mean the most to you.

Ensure that you and your company enjoy a nice ride to the restaurant by booking a dinner limo service via our chat, Book Now button and form on our website, as well as by dialing our phone or sending a simple email with information about your itinerary for the evening. If you reserve your limo online, you will receive a 10% discount to our services.

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