Chicago Courier Service

You can now book online our premium Chicago courier service. Our same-day delivery will get your packages, parcels and documents across Chicago and to other states in no time. Depending on the distance, we can expedite your shipment in less than one hour. We have a huge fleet of sedans and suvs ready to come and pick up your order. *If you need your shipment on the road in less than 2 hours, text us at +1847-454-4183 before you book.

Chief Chicago Limo operates only with licensed chauffeurs which go through Federal background checks and fingerprinting. You can rest assured that your parcel or sensitive documents are in safe hands.

Our Chicago delivery courier service mostly moves classified documents and small parcels. We are your top choice court courier services and legal filings messenger services. Our professional drivers will pick up your medical records or auto parts. When you need to ship a top priority small parcel we got you covered. We also offer small business shipping like manufacturing parts and medical supplies.

Why Use A Limousine Service As A Courier

Getting in and out of Chicago might be a hassle. Not for us though. We know the city inside out and will find the best route to swiftly deliver your package. In addition to that, why waste time driving or finding anyone else. Chief Chicago Limo always have vehicles available in the Chicago area and its suburbs. We are a top rated car service company when it comes to moving clients from point A to point B. Expect the same high quality of service for your small packages and documents. Safety, security and privacy is our top priority. We are fingerprinted and background checked by the U.S. government.

Another advantage is that a sedan or SUV can maintain higher speed than a cargo van or a truck. We have no log books to comply with which means more mileage covered per day.

Same-Day Courier Service Chicago Suburbs And Out-Of-State

Chief Chicago Limo is very flexible when it comes to same day courier service. We have the ability to dispatch a vehicle as soon as you place booking and your sensitive documents or parcel can travel hundreds of miles same day. As a limousine company, we have availability 24/7 and we do not have to gather few loads for a vehicle to dispatch it. Our same day delivery courier service is private transportation for your valuable belongings. When it’s urgent and you are not worried about the price, think of Chief Chicago Limo as your courier service in Chicago.

Whether you are looking for same day courier Chicago or same day courier service near me, we got your back. Just with a few clicks, get your shipment on the road. We offer expedited shipping to anyone who is in rush to get the job done. Our limo service will move your parcel from Chicago to anywhere in the continental U.S.

Chicago Courier Service Rates

How much does it cost to ship a package? How much does it cost to ship 200lbs? Our rates are per mile or fixed, no matter the size of the load. As long as it safely fits in our vehicles, we will ship it for you. An envelope or small LTL shipment will cost the same for the same route.

Our courier service Illinois offers transparent pricing and easy online booking process. You can retrieve a quote in 30 seconds and place a reservation in less than a minute. When you book your shipment, just type 10%OFFSHIPPING in the comment section and we will adjust your rate. The moment you place a reservation, you admit that the item scheduled for shipping is legal and not prohibited, and we cannot be prosecuted for it.

To check our Chicago courier service rates, fill out the booking form below.

LTL Freight Chicago Carrier

Anything that fits in the trunks of our full size American SUVs, we will move it faster than anyone else. Don’t waste time and enjoy our easiest LTL freight shipping experience. Chief Chicago Limo stands for reliability and speed when it comes to small load delivery. Get a free freight shipping quote when you fill out the reservation tool above. We offer same day over night freight services for small loads.

Freight brokers for small loads are welcome to get in touch with us to discuss LTL shipping

Faster Than Anyone Else

Our courier service and small freight shipping are faster than anyone else’s. We accept your reservation and dispatch you a vehicle right away. Your documents, parcel or small load shipment will be on the road in no time. If you are time sensitive, our private courier and delivery services are your only choice. It’s very likely that by the time you organize a different shipper, we would have covered a few hundred miles already.

About Us

Chief Chicago Limo is determined to become your top choice courier and messenger service when it comes to shipping sensitive documents, packages and small loads. Although we do not have trucks and cargo vans, we offer expedited shipping and confidential, fingerprinted chauffeurs. We step in when time is your number one priority and cannot afford to waste it.

By arranging your shipment with us, you can rest assured that we will take care of it the same way as if you would be on the back seat. We will update you about the status of your load and sent you a proof of delivery when the job is done. Chicago courier delivery service that makes a difference.

Chief Chicago Limo is looking forward to doing business with you soon!

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