Car Driving Service

Book our Car Driving Service and we will drive your car for you. Our licensed and experienced chauffeurs are your best choice. That is the perfect fit for those who do not want to drive or want the vehicle delivered on a specific day.

Free your mind and think of our Car Driving Service like that: We do not save you money, but we save you time. For some time is money, though. 😉

Chief Chicago Limo has millions of miles behind our back driving passengers across Illinois and out of state. Our chauffeurs often go out of state and cross a few states with our long distance limo service. Why not drive your car this time?

The idea of offering Car Driving Service to the public came during COVID-19. Some of our clients reached out to us to get their vehicles relocated from Chicago to Austin Texas, Miami Florida and Las Vegas Nevada. Others asked us to drive their cars within Illinois for a wedding or golf trips. We do not like to say NO to our patrons and so we fulfilled their wishes. Clients liked it, drivers liked it. Kalo, the owner, decided to make that part of our services. That’s how it all started.

Why Hire A Cross Country Driver And Not Ship My Car

Should I hire a cross country driver or ship my car!? If that is your dilemma, check what we think about that. Of course, the final decision is totally up to you. It all depends on your needs.

Advantages Of Shipping Your Car

We did our homework and we contacted a few car shipping companies. Please do the same. The only advantage we saw if you choose to ship your car is that you will save wear and tear. Even this is questionable- what is 1200 miles added to the odometer? Nothing. Your “baby” may actually feel better for a bit tasting the cross country highway thrill. Besides the wear and tear argument, nothing beats our car driving service across country.

Advantages Of Hiring A Cross Country Driver And Disadvantages Of Shipping Your Car

While we spied on the car shippers’ business model we found out a few interesting facts which we can use in our advantage.

Car transporters fail to show up. Especially in smaller areas or when they have not found other cars to load the truck. We show up 100%.

While car shipping companies have a window of 2-7 days to pick your car up, we are very time-flexible. Car transporters need to fill out a truck with cars so they offer you a better rate. Sometimes those 2-7 days can turn into 10-12 days. When you hire one of our team members to drive your car, he can start driving it the same day.

We will deliver your car at least 2 times faster than a car shipping company. Check one of the quotes below to ship a car from Chicago to Las Vegas Nevada. It says 5-7 days transit time only. With us, if weather is on our side, your car will be at your door for 2.5 days. Let’s not forget that trucking companies have restrictions on the actual driving hours. We don’t. Another thing to consider is that trucks do not drive with more than 65-70 miles per hour. We do. Truckers have roads they must follow avoiding some bridges, city streets and places to rest. Us driving your car, don’t. Bad weather conditions make truckers even slower. Auto carriers often stop on the way to pick up another vehicle which can cost them half a day delay. We don’t.

You can load your car with luggage with our long distance car driving service. Car shipping companies usually have restrictions of 100 lbs which can be placed only in the trunk of your vehicle.

We are pet friendly. Car shippers are not. For additional fee, we will move your pet from state to state, feed it, walk it and play with it.

Who Will Drive Your Car

Our drivers are very experienced professionals with at least 1 million miles on each of their record. We will only send you chauffeur license drivers or drivers with CDL license. That means, that each cross country driver has passed a federal background check and fingerprinting and has clean criminal and driving record. In addition to that these licenses guarantee that our drivers are medically fit to handle long distance driving and have passed a drug test.

Our limo clientele fully trusts us with their lives, family and kids. Therefore, you can trust us with your car, belongings and pets. Meet some of the members of our team:

FYI: Drivers will wear casual clothing while driving your car across country.

How Much Is To Hire Someone To Drive Your Car Cross Country

Remember what we said above? We are not saving you money. We are saving you time. If you believe time is money, then our car driving service is the right choice for you. In addition to that, consider the opportunity cost which is the foundation of our car driving service’s pricing structure.

$500 a day+ all other expenses ( flights, accommodation, food, gas, tolls, vehicle breakdowns, etc).

*Pet fee $50 a day per pet- pets need care and attention which slows down the driving. Extra driver is $400 a day, but it will shorten the ETA of your vehicle.

You will be billed from the day the driver leaves Chicago till he comes back to the base.

It might seem a lot at first, but lets compare it with the quotes we got below with our cross country driving rates. Let’s do analysis and see if it’s better for you to hire someone to drive your car cross country:

We got this quote on 10/24 at 9:30pm for shipping a car the same day from Chicago to Las Vegas. Of course no one would have come and picked the car up that same day. So, average it will take 2-3 days just to schedule the pick up of your vehicle. Sometimes even more. Some of our chauffeurs which are former truck drivers said that it will take a car transporter at least a week of drive time to reach Las Vegas. Most of the time your car will not be delivered to your door and you will have to block all your day waiting for the truck to arrive and go get your vehicle.

When we drive your car from Chicago to Las Vegas, you will pay around $2000 but we will deliver it door-to-door in 3-4 days. Compare that to 10-14 days and you will see the benefit of using our car driving service.

Another example is the chat transcript from Montway Auto Transport regarding a quote to ship a car from Chicago to Miami Florida:

Me 20:03
how soon we can ship a car from Highland Park IL to Miami Florida
and how much would that be
Audi 2019 A3
Montway Auto Transport 20:04
Our standard pickup window is 1-5 business days, once we have a driver assigned, he will provide the pickup and estimated delivery dates. $989 regular rate – one-time charge to a credit card once we have a carrier assigned OR $939 discounted cash rate – partial payment of around $229 charged to a credit card once we have a carrier assigned and the rest is paid on delivery with cash, cashier’s check, or money order.
So it comes to 1-5 business day for pick up and 4-5 days for driving. When we drive your car from Chicago to Florida, we can bring those 10 days down to 3.

Preferred Car Driving Services Across Country

Reserve a door-to-door car driving service across country with us. In less than 24 hours one of our drivers will fly in and start driving your car. Long distance car driving service is your only choice when the clock is ticking or you have more important things to do. Try our nationwide door-to-door car driving service and you will be amazed.

Among our top cross country driving services are: Hate to fly, Snow Birds, Students heading to or leaving college, Moving, Relocating for work, Auto dealership car delivery, Bought & sold vehicles, Pet transportation and delivery, Military moves, Road trips and tours, etc. If your service is not listed here and you have a special request, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Things You Must Know And Prepare For Our Car Driving Service

Insurance is very important when we drive your car. While we carry commercial insurance while transporting clients in our limos, it is not transferable to your private car. Check with your insurance and make sure that it will cover your vehicle in case of an accident.

Road assistance is something we have to be ready when driving your car long distance. We have witnessed flat tires, breakdowns and vet emergency with pets. Make sure you provide us contact numbers for any of these and similar situations along the way to the delivery address.

Luggage in vehicle must be bagged. No valuables must be placed in the vehicle. Before we start driving your car, you must email us a photo of your ID and a statement that there are no illegal items in the vehicle and that driver is not responsible for the items in the car.

Vehicle must be in perfect condition for a long distance drive. Tires, oil change, fluid levels must be serviced before we start driving your car. We do not drive cars over 100,000 miles.

Pets must be friendly and used to riding a car. We will drive only dogs, cats and caged birds. One pet per driver. Have in mind that accommodation maybe hard to find or more expensive when we drive your pet.

Chief Chicago Limo is looking forward to driving your car across country! We drive your car nationwide.

Some Of Our Cross Country Driving Jobs

Driving A Car From Highland Park IL To Austin TX

The day before the trip, one of our professional chauffeurs picked up an AUDI A3 to drive it from Highland Park IL to Austin Texas.The car was quickly inspected at the owner’s address and a few documents were signed and given to the driver. With everything looking good, the cross country driver went home and went to sleep, so he can kill as many miles as possible.

He started the trip very early morning at 4:00 am on 10/21/2020, as we like to use some of the night to beat the clock. With little over million miles behind his back, Guillermo knows very well how far to push the limits and when to stop. The firsts top was in Champaign IL at 6:15am. At 5pm driver stopped to sleep for 2 hours in Okolona Arizona. With 2 quick stops for gas and one longer to rest, he was already on the streets of Austin Texas at 1:30 am on 10/22/2020.

Guillermo even unloaded the luggage from the car and brought it into the client’s condo. Our cross country driver washed the car and even changed the wipers. Then he slept at a hotel in Austin. In less than 24 hours the car was delivered in Austin Texas and Guillermo was on the plane heading back to Chicago at 6pm. He arrived at Midway airport at 8:30pm where one of our limo drivers picked him up and drove him home. Smooth and uneventful ride- the way we like it. Client, Guillermo and Chief Chicago Limo were all happy from this successful cross country driving mission.

A few videos from the cross country driving from Chicago to Austin Texas:

Driving A Car From Chicago IL To Key West Miami- Car Driving Services Long Distance Turned Out Fun

In May 2020, some of our snow birds from Florida called us and told us they will stay there longer due to COVID-19. Therefore, they needed someone to drive their SUV from Chicago to Key West, FL. Kalo, the owner, took their car from the garage and left early morning at 2:00 am.

In 12 hours, only with one quick stop in Nashville for gas and coffee, Kalo reached Cumming, Atlanta. He was warmly met by our clients’ friends who did some grilling and had some drinks.

Next day Kalo left Atlanta Georgia at 6:00am. Well rested he pushed it hard again so he be able to see the sunset at The Keys. First stop was in Jennings, FL, for gas and Red Bull. After a small push he was south of Miami around 6:30pm. He ended up in Key West at sunset time and had a lovely dinner with our clients.

In the morning, they took him out in the ocean with their boat, and flew him back private in the afternoon. Another across nation car driving service ended up well.

This Car Driving Service turned out to be 42 hours experience. However, job could have been done easy for 36 hours if Kalo had not stayed at our clients’ friends.

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