Kids Transportation Service Chicago

As parents ourselves, we know the stress and pressure of trying to be two places at once! Whether it’s getting your own children to and from appointments or events, or getting a club or team to a game or destination, we are proud to offer the best kid’s transportation service in the Chicago area.

We’re reliable, safe, offer car seats when needed, and can provide service you, your school, or organization can count on.

Leaving the driving to us. With our children’s transportation service you’ll be able to safely plan for your kid’s transport needs knowing they are in safe hands. We’re ideal for parents who are very busy with their schedule and need a safe and reliable car service to help with the demands of daily scheduling.

Have a difficult week coming up or a nanny on vacation? We can help transport your kids to school, sports practices, and even gets groups or teams to games, on field trips, to concerts, and more. We know you can’t be two places at once, so let us handle the stress of transportation.

Booking Private Transportation For Your Child Here In Chicago Is Safer

Here at Chicago Original Limousine know how stressful it can be sometimes sending our children out into the world, and particularly when they are on the roads. That's why we're very proud to offer private transportation for children here in Chicago. Not only can you avoid strangers, taxis and ride share, but you can not worry about your child riding unaccompanied in a car with strangers.

  • Its the safest way to go. Our chauffeurs are the safest drivers you will ever find. In order to obtain a city license, all city-plated limo drivers go through government state and national criminal record checks. On top of that, they go through FBI-approved finger-printing background checks. All our chauffeurs are friendly and professional individuals. Some of them are fathers or mothers. Your kids will easily get along with them. We have been taking care of you for quite a while. Now trust us with your children transportation. We will not let you down.
  • Safe Environment. We only provide private transfers, meaning your children will have the whole car for themselves. No shared rides with strangers. Unless the parent or guardian tell us we need to pick someone else up, you kid will ride alone.
  • Verification process for pick ups and drop offs. We make sure you put your kid in the right car. In addition to that, we make sure we leave your child with the right person.
  • You know your driver. We send you a photo of your kids’ chauffeur made on the day of the pick up.
  • Updates about the status of your ride. We keep in touch with whoever booked the trip so you are worry free.
  • Transportation on your schedule. You are in full control of your time. Whatever time you request in your reservation, we will be there on time.
  • Easy to book. Our online booking tool allows to you place a reservation in less than a minute.

Are Our Kids Safe, Do We Know Where They Are

When transporting your children, you'll appreciate our constant communication you. It's what we would want if our kids were being driven for sure!

The booker of the trip will receive all the driver’s and vehicle info before the pick up. I addition, we will text you a 4-digit PIN code for verification purposes. Before your kids get in to the car, make sure that the license plate matches the one on your text. Also, make the driver tell you his 4-digit PIN. It has to match with yours. If there are discrepancies, DO NOT let your kid in the car yet. Be alert and contact our office right away. Under no circumstances, your child should get into the car, if the verification process has failed. The same PIN verification process goes to the person meeting your child at the drop off point. Remember, someone MUST meet your child when being dropped off.

Upon pick up chauffeur will send you 3 updates- in the beginning, middle and end of the trip. Something like: picked up. On the way. ETA 30. Second one will be: on 294 and Willow. ETA 15. And the last one will be : arriving.

Which Areas Do You Serve

We provide our safe transportation for kids throughout Chicago, North Shore and much of the Northwest Suburbs. Other areas we serve by request. We do provide car seats by requestOur limos for kids is a safe, affordable, and reliable transportation service. We will chauffeur your children where they need to be.

Children’s School Transportation Services

Our most popular kids transportation services are our school transportation pick-ups and drop-offs. We offer safe rides for kids to and from school. Whether for your own children or for student groups, we handle every step of the trip perfectly.

For the smaller guys, we offer preschool transportation for kids. Your driver will arrive a few minutes prior to pick up. That will give your child enough time to get ready and leave. If you would like us to pick up someone else on the way to school, we can add an extra stop to your reservation when you boo

With our after school kids transportation here in Chicago, you'll have the peace-of-mind knowing that your child is being picked up and delivered in perfect time.

Best Kids Transportation Service Chicago

We are available 7 days per week around the clock to transport your children in Chicago, North Shore, and much of the Northwest suburbs. Other areas we service by special request.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top-rated Chicago limousine services and in particular the must trusted when it comes to the transport of minors. Our chauffeurs are licensed, background checked, and experienced and are experts in safe and defensive driving.

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